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Dr. Bazylak has many passions outside of dentistry...

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When Aaron first touched the turquoise waters of one of our great oceans many years ago, little did he know this would be a life changing event. This and subsequent visits to the oceans started his journey into a deeper understanding of the delicate balances of the ocean and reef ecosystems  and how their health  impacts  everyone of us everyday regardless of where we live. Aaron soon realized that he needed to have a real fish eye view of the coral reefs instead of snorkelling above. This is where The Diving Centre in Saskatoon came in to teach Aaron everything he needed to know to become a certified scuba diver.  Over the years he has continued to study the art and chemistry of scuba diving reaching the level of Advanced Open Water Diver and Rescue Diver. He has had the opportunity to study and explore the countless coral reefs of the oceans even Palancar reef made famous by early initial explorations of Jacques Cousteau. Aaron has learned a great deal about the fragile nature of coral reefs rom his scuba diving but also through his experiences having his own saltwater aquariums. These are self contained mini reef ecosystems which display all of the characteristics of the oceans' reefs. Countless species of living coral can grow, thrive, and multiply just like in the oceans and create a natural home for fish and invertebrates.

In a home marine aquarium each and every parameter can be closely monitored in real time and trends can be observed and graphed. These important water parameters are things such as temperature, pH, alkalinity, dissolved oxygen, and waste products.

Even tidal flows and surges can be created and measured. In a closed aquarium system, with delicate living corals, fish, and invertebrates immediate corrective action can avert disaster when one of these parameters begins to change too much. At this time we are facing a situation where permanent long term damage will occur unless corrective thinking and action happens immediately. Even a change of 2 degrees of water temperature starts to negatively affect the coral's health and can cause the delicate living coral to loose its colour and start to die. This can begin a negative cascading effect of the entire reef system and its numerous inhabitants that call it home.  The health of a coral reef has a direct measurable impact on the health of our planet and each of its inhabitants, including us. 


He has been playing and practicing guitar since his high school days at E.D. Feehan in Saskatoon. Over the past twelve years, he honed his musicianship and has been very active across Saskatchewan as the lead guitar player and founding member of a successful rock band. They have played most of the popular venues and festivals around Saskatchewan even playing the support role for some legendary musicians.

Aaron also plays guitar as a member of the Rock 102 Band playing large events such as Spring Invasion, The Halloween Howler, A Taste of Saskatchewan, and the Huskie Football pregame kickoff festivities.


Aaron also loves the outdoors and spending free time running along the beautiful Meewasin trail in Saskatoon. He has also competed in multiple event races competing in the 10km and 21.1km distances even placing in the top ten a few times! 


Aaron had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Steve-O, television personality, stunt performer, actor, writer, stand-up comedian, and musician.


 Aaron is also an art collector and is especially enthusiastic about the works of the rockstar celebrity artist Michael Godard. He has had the opportunity to meet and hang out with him on multiple occasions. He even has some of these personalized pieces on display in his office. 

Another favourite artist is Florida based Fabio Napoleoni whom Aaron also has had the pleasure of meeting and having his pieces personalized.


Front row at Def Leppard's show in Saskatoon  


Dr. Bazylak meeting with Mr. Ken Cheveldayoff, MLA for Saskatoon Willowgrove. 


Celebrating the graduation of RCMP Troop 30 with his lifelong friend, Constable Robert Laroque. 


Absolute Awesome! The kindness, honesty, and carefulness for each individual client. Explains in the easiest way possible and has respect for all clients.

Dr Aaron is the best dentist around!! My whole family sees him now. He is very caring and always puts you at ease and makes you feel like a long term friend. 

Aaron is always happy to see you. He takes great care of my teeth. I'm very satisfied and will be going to see him for years to come.

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