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Dr. Bazylak has over 16 years of experience in the practice of dentistry. He will listen to all of your dental concerns and work together with you to develop an optimized treatment profile designed expressively for you! It doesn't matter if your last dental visit was a year ago or twenty years ago its never to late to have the smile you always wanted. 


It is widely accepted by many associations that the first dental visit should be within the first 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth or by one year of age. These are meant to be fun and educational visits introducing our new patient to all of the sights and sounds of their dental office. A quick early dental examination can detect the early signs of possible tooth decay and other oral health issues. 


Dr. Bazylak has dedicated himself to promoting the dental health of children as well as helping parents better understand the many stages of early childhood development. He certainly wants this to be a stress free joyous experience,  as well!

Therapy consists of debridement (removal of plaque and mineralized tartar), and prophylaxis (gently polishing away surface stains) usually followed by fluoride treatment to maintain and strengthen tooth enamel. A long-term schedule will also be developed to maintain your new healthy smile. Dr. Bazylak and his wonderful team of dental hygienists at Fresh Dental welcome you to start your journey to optimum dental today!

The cornerstone to achieving and maintaining optimal oral health is regular appointments for dental hygiene therapy. Your registered dental hygienist will greet you with a smile, discuss your past medical and dental histories, and develop a personalized therapy plan tailored specifically for you.


These are all situations where the roots of the tooth need to be treated. More accurately the small canals within each root need be addressed immediately. Once Dr. Bazylak has completely anesthetized (frozen) the tooth and surrounding area, a small opening is made within the tooth to reveal the complex canal system (pulp). This entire system is completely cleaned out and disinfected right up to the tip of the root and then sealed. This procedure is commonly referred to as a "root canal". Any discomfort after the anesthesia wears off can usually be handled by most common over the counter medications.


Sometimes in life, the unexpected can happen. A large cavity can get out of control and start to infect the tooth. A traumatic incident can seriously harm the living tissue within the tooth. A tooth that has been extensively treated in the past can suddenly become painful.

There many ways to permanently and safely have whiter teeth and a brighter smile. Options are available to whiten your teeth while you are at home, and also directly within the dental office as well as combination approaches. Dr. Bazylak has been providing whitening options to all of his patients since he whitened the teeth of his very first patient in dental school......himself!

If you are not completely happy with the color of your smile Dr. Bazylak would be happy to set up a complimentary consultation with you to see if you are a good candidate for whitening your smile.


The broken or weak tooth is reduced in size all around to create space for a brand new one piece outer shell usually made out of esthetic porcelain. The tooth will regain its original strength and natural appearance. In rare situations where the damage to the tooth is so severe that it cannot be repaired and has to be removed then a permanent replacement is the only option. There are two main ways in which a missing tooth can be replaced namely bridges and implants. A bridge usually consists of placing a crown on the tooth on either side on the space with a solid porcelain tooth attached to both of these "bridging" this space. A bridge is permanely attached to your natural teeth. Another option to consider is by placing a dental implant. These are completely independant and free standing. Its is typically completed in two stages. An initial stage where an artificial root form (fixture) is surgically placed into the supporting bone, and a second restorative stage where a new tooth is secured to this. 


Prevention of dental problem is certainly the best approach but sometimes a tooth can unexpectantly break. If the break is minor a filling can usually repair the damage. In some cases where the tooth itself is weakened surrounding the entire tooth with a crown (cap) is the only option. 


Almost all of your oral health needs can be met in a general office setting but for complex or highly specialized conditions, Dr. Bazylak will set up an appointment with a specialist for you. A common example of this is being referred to a board certified Orthodontist for straightening your teeth.


Dr. Bazylak has established close working relationships with some of the top dental specialists in Saskatoon for situations where an outside expert is needed.


Treatments such as whitening, veneers, crowns, inlays, and onlays seem to be everywhere. Please feel free to book a relaxed consultation with Dr. Bazylak and you can openly discuss what options are best suited to your individual needs. 


Dr. Bazylak will work hard with you to achieve the healthy beautiful smile that you have always desired! There are so many options available today to help us on this journey that it can become confusing.


A properly made custom fitting sports guard help to protect direct injury to our teeth and can assist in preventing concussions while playing intense or contact sports. 

Many of us unknowingly will clench our teeth together at night when we sleep or even grind them together (bruxism). This can cause many problems with our teeth such as cracks, fractures, or sensitivity. It can also damage our jaw joints (TMJ) and contribute to muscle tenderness and even headaches. A custom nightguard, fitted to the top teeth, should be comfortable and unobtrusive.


Our teeth sometimes need specialized protection. Whether its protection from the many dangers of playing the sports we love to clenching and grinding our teeth when we sleep, custom protection is necessary.


and if your emergency happens after our usual office hours our answering service will direct you the private cell phones of our team and the emergency will be addressed.


Dr. Bazylak has tended to many dental emergencies over his career. Pain, swelling, and large dental fractures are all too common and need to be addressed immediately. Please contact us at Fresh Dental at 306.664.8737


Dr. Bazylak now has the option of taking a small 3-dimensional view of an area using a dental CT (computed tomography is also known as a CAT scan) right in his office. It is as quick and easy and taking a traditional dental x-ray. The resulting 3D image provides information that we never thought would be possible in the world of dentistry! 


Sometimes the traditional dental x-ray does not provide us with all of the information that is necessary to accurately assess and treat a complex situation.


Using dental anesthetics (freezing), the affected tooth and surrounding area are completely anesthetized before the tooth is removed by applying gentle yet firm pressure. After the tooth is removed Dr. Bazylak and his team will discuss all of the post-operative care that will be required so that the area heals quickly and without complication. Dr. Bazylak has developed a close relationship with the oral surgeon specialists in Saskatoon and can provide you with a referral for tooth removal when the procedure is deemed to be complex or you require or prefer sedation for the extractions.


Dr. Bazylak employs modern strategies with you to prevent dental problems before the can even begin or to treat these problems when they are small and easy to remedy. In rare cases, this may not be feasible and a tooth or teeth may have to be removed.


Absolute Awesome! The kindness, honesty, and carefulness for each individual client. Explains in the easiest way possible and has respect for all clients.

Dr Aaron is the best dentist around!! My whole family sees him now. He is very caring and always puts you at ease and makes you feel like a long term friend. 

Aaron is always happy to see you. He takes great care of my teeth. I'm very satisfied and will be going to see him for years to come.

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